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Ceramics courses in Barcelona

My name is Xènia and I teach this ceramic course in Barcelona, I am a ceramicist and ceramics is my passion and my profession.

I believe that working with clay has great potential to develop many skills and anyone who sets out to learn this craft, with perseverance and dedication, can achieve it and enjoy it.

A few days a week I open my workshop to teach and share my experience.
In the workshop we start with basic manual techniques, moving on to the potter’s wheel and different finishes. If you have never worked with ceramics before you can start from scratch and if you already have some experience this course allows you to continue to develop your skills.

No previous knowledge of ceramics is required, we work at your pace. This course is conducted in Spanish language.

Morning hours:

Thursday (2 classes):

  • 1st class from 10am to 12pm.
  • 2nd class from 12:15 p.m. to 2:15 p.m.

Afternoon hours:

Monday ( 1 class) : from 19 pm to 21 pm

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (2 classes):

  • 1st class from 16:45pm a 18:45pm.
  • 2nd class from 19pm a 21pm

Price: 100 € per month (4 classes of 2 hours) 

Term: All school year.

Teacher: Xènia Bas

curso de ceramica en barcelona
modelando ceramica

If you want to start, contact me